“Fighting to move on” T4MF response to Therapy Today article

We are writing to you as founders and steering group members of Therapists For Medical Freedom

(T4MF) to express our concern regarding the recent article “Fighting to move on; how can we support

clients with long COVID?” (Therapy Today Volume 33 Issue 9). We hope that you will publish the below

within your letters page.

The article lists the symptoms of long COVID, including “hair loss, erectile problems and higher risk of

stroke, heart attack and Alzheimer’s.” The author asserts that “research has so far failed to track down

the causes of these symptoms.” However, data released from the Pfizer clinical trials 1. and information

on the government’s own website 2. clearly list all these symptoms as potential side effects from the

vaccines. Increasing numbers of doctors and scientists are voicing concern, including Dr Aseem Malhotra

in a recent peer-reviewed paper 3. The government’s own Yellow Card Scheme reports that 2, 272

fatalities and over 1.5 million adverse events have occurred in the UK that may be due to the COVID

vaccines 2. The safety signal that these correlated injuries represent is far greater than that for any other

vaccines monitored by this scheme.

One of the counsellors quoted in the article (Elizabeth Turp) points out that those with long COVID get

very little support or recognition from the government. Yet the denialism around vaccine injuries

appears to be even worse. Should our empathy only be limited to those with long Covid? Could it also be

that sometimes what is being diagnosed as long COVID is in some cases an adverse reaction to the

vaccine? For the avoidance of doubt, we are not saying that long COVID is not a serious issue – post-viral

negative impacts can be debilitating. But it seems possible that sequelae that have been ascribed to long

COVID may well have multiple causes, including long COVID itself, and also including vaccine injury,

other previously undetected disease and sometimes psychosomatic impacts.

The level of denial about possible vaccine injury is such that on 20 October of this year, when the first All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on vaccine damage was convened in the House of Commons, only five politicians attended 5. Meanwhile over 100 bereaved or injured people sat opposite. A few days afterwards, the documentary Safe and Effective which includes interviews with those affected was removed from YouTube for violating community guidelines 6. The article mentions that “concern has been voiced at some of the more experimental, unproven, medical treatments that are being sold (at high prices) to the desperate and credulous.” This may indeed be the case. However, the MRNA vaccines are also experimental (still at clinical trial stage) and we are yet to find out what their long-term effects are. By not mentioning the vaccines, we feel this article is missing a very important part of the picture.

Therapists for Medical Freedom (T4MF) was founded last year as a collective of counsellors,

psychotherapists, psychologists, and other associated therapeutic professionals as a response to the

growing use of medical coercion and loss of civil liberties as part of the international response to

managing covid-19.





3 https://insulinresistance.org/index.php/jir/article/view/71


6. https://www.oraclefilms.com/safeandeffective

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