Private Practice 101 – for NHS Counsellors and Therapists facing Job Loss

A free online workshop which will cover the basics of starting in private practice for Counsellors and Therapists affected by NHS Mandates.

About this event

‘Starting in Private Practice 101’ – A Workshop for NHS Counsellors and Therapists who Face Job Loss.

As well as fighting back against the mandates, it can be a psychological support to have a backup plan in place, in case the worst happens and you do lose your job.

Many NHS counsellors and psychological therapists are considering Private Practice as a backup plan, but after many years in the NHS are a bit daunted about where to start and exactly what is involved. The overwhelm is real!

Workshop Objectives

This one-off workshop aims to cut out the faffle, and to just give you the very basics of how to start in private practice as quickly as possible, along with some template paperwork to get you started.

We will take a solutions-based approach, and offer advice on common pitfalls that new therapists in private practice can fall into and ways that you can get support with the transition. We’ll also look at how you can tailor your private practice to be in alignment with your vision and interests so the transition can feel as growthful and positive as possible.

The workshop will be held online on Wednesday the 9th of Feburary at 7.30pm. It is free to attend for any therapist or counsellor who is currently facing job loss because of COVID-19 policies, workplace discrimination or vaccine mandates.  It will be facilitated by therapists who are from both an NHS and Private Practice background.

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Jab or Job, Now What? Support Workshop #2 for NHS Counsellors & Therapists

The recent announcement of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for NHS Staff is an assault on the legal and human rights of UK workers.

At a time of national mental health crisis, with many NHS therapy services already at overwhelm, the mandates will threaten the jobs of unvaccinated NHS counsellors and psychological therapists, causing significant emotional and financial stress.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Following a successful and supportive workshop in December for NHS psychological therapists and counsellors who are affected by vaccine mandates, T4MF are holding a follow-up workshop at 7.30pm to 9pm on the 26th of January.

You don’t have to have attended the first workshop to attend, and previous participants are welcome. Please note this workshop is for counsellors and psychological therapists only, not wider NHS Staff.

The workshop will give a quick summary of what has changed since the first workshop, and possible routes that can be taken as your next steps. The main focus will be on emotional support, collective processing and using the group as a resource for troubleshooting and advice.

The workshop will include a short presentation, as well as opportunities for connection and dialogue with other group members. We will share valuable resources and suggest practical ways to build a strong support network, so you do not have to go through this difficult process alone.

About the Organisers

The event is hosted by Therapists for Medical Freedom (TMF), a grassroots campaign organisation who are fighting to protect the rights and freedoms of UK therapists and our clients.

We are deeply concerned about the growing use of medical coercion and the loss of civil liberties as part of the international response to managing COVID-19. We are committed to defending the values of bodily autonomy, informed consent, and medical freedom.

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