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T4MF Local Groups are a way to connect with like-minded therapists in your area. They are peer-led and offer a way to process the current situation collectively, to get/give mutual support, and take part in local activism together.

Local groups are self-organising and based on the needs / interests of those who attend – each local group will have its own flavour and character. There are currently eleven T4MF local groups, open to all UK based psychological therapists, including retired and trainee therapists.

You need to be a professional member of T4MF in order to join a local group (it’s free) so we have a record of all local group members. Please do this first before requesting to join a local group.

Search the directory below to find details of your nearest group:

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Adding a New Group to the Network

It might be that you'd like to be in a local group but there isn't one near you. If that's the case, you are welcome to start one! It's easier than you might think. We can use our network to help you get in touch with like-minded therapists in your area and offer you a resource pack and some basic support in setting up a local T4MF group.

Or maybe you're already in a local counsellors and therapists support group around these issues that we don't know about. Great! If you want to come under the T4MF umbrella, so we can add you to the map and help you reach new members, then we'd love to hear from you.

For more information, please get in touch with our local group co-ordinator Paula Charnley at localgroups@therapists4medicalfreedom.org.

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